Our Virtues


We come from different fields and have in common the inner drive that lead us to become affirmed professionals.


We all lived around the world, changing places to keep nurturing our passion for travel and different cultures, especially in the Asian region.


We redefined the word luxury, narrowing its recipients to the few hand-picked best in each country.


We have an eye for detail. For Taste. For Quality. This led us to success in our careers.


We developed objective standards and chose indipendenlty based on
our knowledge and experience as well as that of our network of inspectors.

Redefining Luxury

To make the most of life, average is not enough. When it comes to memorable life experiences, there is no substitute for luxury. Hard-earned and definitely well-deserved, luxury holidays, deluxe fashion accessories and top level services spice up life, turning moments into indelible lifelong memories.

Avid luxury lovers ourselves, we established this brand to create a higher standard in your travel experiences in Asia, adding them a peerless luxury touch that will make them unforgettable.

Coming from different career fields, our inspired team of professionals put their expertise together to create a one-stop web page for luxury lovers looking to live an outstanding experience in the continent that makes our heart beat faster.

Live Asia Like Never Before!

We know just a 5-star hotel suite in a high-end resort is not enough for you. We are certain you cannot be bothered with browsing the web for the ‘hot’ discounts in hotels promising a few nights of decent stay to customers with a limited budget. You are looking for genuine deluxe properties and services available exclusively to high-end guests with an affluent lifestyle. And this is exactly what we are offering you!

Living and breathing Asia throughout our life, working and traveling in this fascinating part of the world for years, we have carefully drawn a directory of the high-end providers you deserve to enjoy your vacation in genuine luxury.

Exclusive Properties, Reliably Tested & Proven!

Our own experience is complemented by the recommendations of a wide network of connections we have built in the area over the years, to ensure the premium standards that will make your stay an experience to remember.

Only FEW hand-picked properties, shopping venues and service providers in each country make it to our list, only the top 10 gourmet restaurants, the 10 high-end hotels or resorts are recommended by our site; only the ones that bear the signature of great luxury.

Because we walk the extra mile to make sure that your vacation, jewelry, designer clothing items or accessories are EXCLUSIVELY intended for your refined taste!

Next on our roadmap is enriching our services by adding the luxury wedding category, from the best wedding planners to the finest locations, hairstylists, catering, and all what is needed to fulfill your dream-like wedding. The real estate category, both for rent and for sale, will showcase the 10 most luxurious properties on the market for each country, thought for our most demanding customers who look for a home in the selected regions.

Thanks For Choosing Us!